Fanmade Bravely Comics

Welcome to my comic archive. For the longest time, I've wanted to make comics from buying ink, nibs and paper but I never had the drive to actually do it. But with my love for Bravely (and Ringabel, I guess) I actually had the motivation to make a few fan comics.
I will try my best to update and create more stories in the future! Thank you for viewing!
Attention: NSFW comics will contain a warning. Please take care when viewing.



I really like Bravely Default and think about Ringabel and Edea every day. I just want to draw out all my thoughts!I'm powered by hot tea!



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When this battles done

short fan comic for a fanthology

This comic was made for a Ringabel x Edea fan zine that I hosted in 2019 with other artists. It's a short 9 page comic exploring Ringabel's feelings toward World 5 Edea. It's my first full story story which was originally 12 pages but I cut down to 9.
Included is a promo comic for the zine as well.

Bath house Reunion


My friend invited me to participate in her NSFW Ringabel x Edea fan zine. I was really excited and happy to be part of it! It's my 2nd attempt at making a fan comic (complete at 24 pages), and my first NSFW! It took a lot of research and getting over being shy about sharing something like this!I wish I could have made a better story, but I learned a lot making it! ...I don't know if I'll make another NSFW comic soon though, ahaha.